A game about eating on a plane.

Experience the existential terror and anxiety of in-flight meals from the comfort of your own home. 

Best flown in Google Chrome.

As featured on Boing Boing, WarpDoor, Weird Fucking Games & more.

First Class upgrades now available!!!

That's right!! For just $1 you can now grab your own, personal, individually-wrapped version of Plane Food Simulator, featuring:

  • Lifetime future updates

System Requirements (Browser)

  • WebGL 2.0 compatible browser (take a look here to see if you have one!)
  • Best viewed at full screen for optimal aerodynamic food handling
  • Mouse & Keyboard for ease of consumption!
    • Note: Some passengers may encounter travel sickness when using a trackpad. The flight crew are aware of this and apologise for any inconvenience!

System Requirements (Desktop)

  • Mac OSX
  • Windows
  • 500mb free hard drive space
  • Mouse & Keyboard for ease of consumption!


Complete your in-flight meal without causing an embarrassing spillage. 


  • Grab Item  =  Left Click
  • Move Item  =  Hold Left Click & W,A,S,D
  • Fling Item  =  Hold W,A,S,D, release Left Click  (Easy huh? :D)


Programming & Animation  - Sheps (@the_sheps)
Concept, Art Direction & 3D/2D Design -  Chris Ramsden (https://linktr.ee/Chrisramsden)
Music  -  Jane Hope  ('Cheery Electron')
QA & Beta Testing  -  Max Blake, Edward Furlong

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorSheep and Ram Studio
Made withUnity, Blender
TagsComedy, Food, FPS, Funny, html5, Low-poly, simulator, turbulence, webgl


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

pfs2021-osx.zip 64 MB
pfs2021-windows.zip 55 MB

Development log


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Here from fmhy!

(1 edit)

i cant eat it? im getting hungy and i cant nom nom wtfrick!!

edit:nvm just have to fullscreen :3

Great concept, Great game! It took some time but at least I can say that I am proficient in eating on a plane now!

how does one become a first class ticket holder?

Hey Foxstar - If the game is purchased and downloaded, then you'll get your own local copy with the Turbulence mode activated :-)

cute game i wonder if someone managed to eat it all


I have seen evidence of this. 100% on all three!


I am just wondering, what IS bermuda airways responsible for...

It's top secret I imagine...

Game appears to only be a blue screen. Seems I fell out of the plane.

Sorry for dropping out of the fuselage. Please refer to our technical requirements listed on this page. iPad is not currently accepted media on Bermuda Airways. Please stick to keyboard and mouse for optimal flight experience. Thanks for your attention. Have an adequate flight.

Found my parachute.  Game works now

the fuck is a gherkin?

(1 edit) (+1)

Some say it’s the root of all culinary evils. It is also the name of an obnoxious, phallic structure built in the City of London.


Wow. First Itch.io game that i actually genuinely love. Very addicting! :)

This is such lovely feedback to hear, your flight crew thanks you!!

This game doesn't work for me. Every time I try to pick something up, barely anything happens. Is this a compatibility issue? I'm playing on Google Chrome.

Hi PsyJacked - that sucks! What is your operating system and setup like? Are you using Mouse and Keyboard or trackpad? We haven't had any Chrome reports as yet. Please note: Bermuda Airways offer no ticket refunds for losing all of your known motor abilities.

Ahaaa, this is wonderful - any chance of a downloadable version?

Thanks Toadsanime - Watch this space :) Oh, and feel free to follow us so we can keep you updated with new features and ports!

Thanks, shall do!

Go go go Toads!! Our compliments :)


Its a fun game.


Thanks so much ><

hey, i would love to try this game but when i run it nothing happens, it's just a blue screen.. .    . is it something with my computer or..  .? judging from the pictures it looks very nice!!! i love the colors :]

Hey fish! Thanks for reaching out, let's try and get you sorted!!

Could you please confirm:

- Your operating system
- Your browser
- Any specific dietary requirements


im so sorry this reply is so late, but here is my answer if you'd still like it:

- windows 10

- chrome, but i downloaded the game and played it like that instead

- i avoid eating much sugar and flour ^__^

Hey there fish! Why not treat yourself to a desktop version of the game while our sale's on? :D

Oddly addicting, I love it!


Thanks so much! It's all the MSG...

my dyslexia: I sure do like plain foo.. oh

'Plain' food could definitely apply to some airlines ;-)


Thanks so much!! ☺️ we'll have a few more updates happening soonish so please do come back!!

This game is so funny!!!
Good job, this is amazing!!

You're too kind!! We're going to start work on a brand new project very soon and will be devlogging the hell out of it so keep your 👀 peeled!

Really fun and relatable game! I do think there's a bug that doesn't let me load a new level when I lose the game (the play button won't work after one round, the player's camera jitters endlessly, and there's a frozen text "Bacon Butty 20%" overlaying the menu on the tv screen) - not sure if this bug appears if I win because I can't win any level (cry...) if it's useful info, I was playing on the Firefox browser! 

(1 edit)

Hey Hua, thanks for the bug report! I’ve called a repair mechanic to take a look at this & I’ll message you when it’s fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Everything should be fixed for you now, please do help yourself to a complementary G&T and bag of peanuts.

- Sheps


Thanks for the quick response! The game works smoothly now ^_^ 

Hurray! Pleased about that, thank you for your feedback uwu

Very nice!

Thank you :-)

This is very cute and goofy. I love the art style (low poly food is always fun imo), and the gameplay is a great snapshot of classic qwopery. The different meals are a nice touch!


Thanks Victor!! It was  a whole lot of fun to make, if a little absurd at times.

"Hey - it looks like the banoffee pie is broken"
"Oh no! :("

A tragedy in few words.