On behalf of Air Sheep & Ram, it is my pleasure to welcome you aboard flight V2!

Firstly, thank you so much everyone for playing our game Plane Food Simulator 2021! The response has exceeded our wildest expectations, we’re so pleased y’all are having fun! We’ve taken some time over the last few weeks to reflect on our first release, listened to your feedback and are pleased to announce that Plane Food Simulator 2021 v2.0 is now available for general release!



  • Timer now stops when you’ve finished your meal!
  • Gravity-freeze when the timer’s finished!
  • More pleasing meal presentation!

Native Desktop Client!

We’ve listened to your requests and feedback around browser support for WebGL 2.0, and have made the decision to also release across desktop!

You’ll always be able to play our web version for free, but starting now you can also choose to download your very own copy across OSX, Linux and Windows from only $1! This will give you  access to the brand-new:

Turbulent Mode!

Found your meals too easy to eat? Fancy a second portion of insanity? This mode turns up the intensity to really challenge both your reflexes and your appetite!

To celebrate this new milestone for our game, we're announcing a 24-hour sale, letting you buy your very own copy for free!!

We really hope you continue to enjoy playing PFS2021 as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!


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